Senior photo sessions take a portrait session and crank it up a notch. If you're looking for what to expect from your senior photography session or tips on what to wear, what to bring, or what kind of poses we might use, check out the articles in this category of the blog.

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Senior Photo Session

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If you’re a graduating senior, have you found yourself wondering why you should book a senior photo session? Have you wondered whether it’s worth your time, energy or money? Well, if you have, you definitely need to read this post! Having a senior session allows you to celebrate your achievement, mark the occasion with great […]

Book a Senior Photo Session?

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Your senior photo session is the perfect time to highlight you, your achievements, and all the emotions you’re feeling at this stage of your journey. When you’re about to graduate, you feel confident, optimistic, audacious–and, most of all, ready to move forward in your life. My plan for your senior session is to use all […]

Senior Photo Session

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