A Picture of Your with Your Sister

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Having a portrait session with your sister can either be easy, or it can be difficult. It’s kinda up to you, really. Your relationship can have something to do with it, yes. But, acknowledging the uniqueness of such an experience and then working on your mindset beforehand are the keys to success. Being part of […]

Prepare for Your Portrait Session with Your Sister

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The truth is there’s just no way of preparing your little one for a family photo session. Of course, you can do the obvious and make sure she naps, eats a snack, and cuddles her favorite toy on the car ride over, but the hard truth is that aside from choosing her outfit, it’s not […]

Preparing Your Little One for a Family Photo

Preparing Your Toddler for a Photo Session
Preparing for your Couple's Portrait Session

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If you’ve booked a photo session for you and your partner, there’s a few things you should know. Preparing for your couple’s portrait session beforehand will make your shoot go more smoothly, keep you and your beloved from getting on each other’s nerves, and, most importantly, guarantee you some intimate, romantic photos. I’m talking the […]

Preparing for Your Couple’s Portrait Session

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Before having a photo session, it’s important to consider the colors and the styles of your outfits. Clothing choices for photos are kind of a big deal. It’s taken me many photo sessions with individuals, couples, and families to realize just how important those choices are. My hope is that my findings and tips will […]

Clothing Choices: Colors and Styles for Your Portraits

J Luster Photography Outdoor Portrait Favorite of 2020
Family Laughing

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If you’re having family portrait done, you’ll probably want something traditional where everyone is looking at the camera and everyone’s eyes are open! But, when your photographer delivers your photo gallery, it’s nice to see something a little different. A little more natural. You, know–the kind of photo that looks like someone with a camera […]

Picture of a Family Laughing

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Don’t you just love a photo of a couple walking hand in hand? Doesn’t it just scream romance? Or whisper it softly (that sounds sweeter)? Why is that, you ask? Is it the location? The beach? An Italian villa? Nope. Is it that the couple is just so in love that they can’t help but […]

Couple Walking Hand in Hand

couple walking hand and hand
using props in photography

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The last thing you wanna do as a photographer is disappoint your client or, more importantly, your client’s mother! If a bride or a senior or a mother of one of those two, spent time thinking about, purchasing, and then packing up props for the shoot, take heed. Would she understand if you didn’t use […]

Using Props in Your Photography Sessions | Avoiding Prop Pressure

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If you’re a new photographer, you’ve probably heard some differing opinions about whether or not to give your clients props to incorporate during their sessions. A “prop” in photography would be any object that isn’t naturally occurring in the location of your shoot. Honestly, for a while I was against using anything other than my […]

Using Props in Photography: Know Your “Why”

using props in photography
Three Kids Under Three| Christmas Portrait Session

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Why is a wedding photographer doing a portrait session with three kids under 3 years old? Because I still need to keep practicing photographing humans! That means taking pictures of anyone willing to pose for me–including three kids all under 3 years old–that’ right–three under 3! Since I’d never photographed kids other than my own, […]

Portrait Session– Three Kids Under 3 Years Old


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