What are you looking for in your life?

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What are You Looking for In Your Life? “I’m looking for corny in my life.”–from the movie The Holiday. Because I’ve been watching that Nancy Meyers film (I’m a big fan of Nancy’s) for the past ten plus years, that quote isn’t new to me. I’ve heard Kate Winslet deliver it each and every time–never […]

What are You Looking for in Your Life? | 5 Steps to Help You Figure out Your Word for the New Year

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Can I tell you something that can make this new year so much better for you? More fun? Liberating even? Listen closely. Stop hiding from the camera (cell phone cameras too)! This tendency to shy away from getting your picture taken comes from that feeling, that misconception, that lie from the devil that you’re not […]

Stop Hiding from the Camera

stop hiding from the camera
What are you welcoming this year?

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When I’m editing photos from a recent session, I can tell which ones will likely be the client’s favorites and which ones will not. However, those in the “not” category are often the ones I’m inclined to keep for myself. While they may not be the photos anyone else would frame or share, I might. […]

What Are You Saying Goodbye to this Year?

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Your wedding rings should be photographed! You may already know that, but when I got married back in 1993, I didn’t. I had no idea that something like my engagement ring and wedding band would be so important to capture. Four wedding ring sets later, I can tell you, I wish I had gotten photos […]

Wedding Rings Should Be Photographed

Wedding Rings Should be Photographed
inspiration in uncertain times | good times that haven't happened yet

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Do you have memories of good times? I’m sure you do. You may be remembering a lot of them right now because you need a little inspiration during these uncertain times. You know, because of the pandemic? But, here’s a question for you: Do you ever think about good times that haven’t happened yet? Because […]

Inspiration in Uncertain Times | Good Times That Haven’t Happened Yet

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“We had our breakfasts–whatever happens in a house, robbery or murder, it doesn’t matter, you must have your breakfast.” The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins Breakfast is Important in Any House Collins has a way of writing that makes you feel as though you’re involved in a complicated mystery with twists and turns, but at the […]

No Matter What Happens–Have Your Breakfast

eat your breakfast
It's Your Birthday

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  “She makes us laugh, she makes us dream, and she makes us better. Happy Birthday!”–posted on Instagram on April, 19, 2020 by Magnolia about Joanna Gaines. She Makes Us Laugh? Nope! Tell the truth. Does Joanna Gaines make you laugh? Put aside the fact that she does so many things well, and then be […]

She Makes Us Laugh

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In 2000, my husband and I purchased a croquet. The movie, Heathers, influenced me to buy it because I totally wanted to swing the mallet around and quote lines from the movie like, “No way, no day,” but no matter. That croquet set became part of our Easter tradition and has remained so, even during […]

Croquet: Our Easter Tradition for the Pandemic of 2020

Easter 2020


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