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It was a beautiful day in Leander, Texas. The park in my subdivision was sunny and bright–the perfect place for a photo session. Seth had a colorful shirt on and had scheduled me into his day. I am an Enneagram 7, which means I can change my plans on a whim. Seth is an Enneagram […]

“Cropping Out” Blue Blurs in the Park

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When it comes to wedding day photography coverage, how much do you really need? It’s an important question to ask. The truth is, if you don’t get at least 8 hours of wedding day coverage from your photographer, you’re getting cheated. Let me tell you a little story from 1993 that will begin to illuminate […]

Wedding Day Coverage: Photography

The Bride's Shoes--J Luster

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  If you’re a recent bride or a seasoned wedding photographer, you may already know that the bride’s shoes are a detail shot. Since I am neither, that knowledge was completely new to me. Before I started taking on-line courses with wedding photographer Katelyn James, I had never heard of “wedding details” and “detail shots”. […]

The Bride’s Shoes are a Detail Shot?

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What I learned more than anything from being part of a mock wedding photography class hosted by Precision Camera in Austin, Texas is not to forget that the bride has feet!  I have a tendency to cut off limbs! Not tree limbs. That would have been just fine. No, I’m talking body parts like hands–the […]

The Bride Has Feet


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