Female Senior Pictures

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Outfit choices for female senior pictures are endless! Deciding what to wear for special occasions, ceremonies, and portraits can be daunting when you’re a high school student. Or, at least it was for me! When it comes to selecting your 3-5 outfits for your senior session, you might be stumped. So, I encourage you to […]

Outfit Choices for Female Senior Pictures

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Have you ever been told to just stand like you normally would?  Did it work? Being told to do so is a sure fire way to get the opposite result. So, that prompting should never be part of your photo session. For your portraits, I’m always looking for ways to make you feel more at […]

Natural Arm Placements for Your Portraits

Crossed at the Wrists
example of male pose

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The lean forward is another classic male pose for portraits and headshots. The good news is–if you’re a man–this position may actually feel natural for you. In fact, once you sit down, you’ll probably lean forward before your photographer even directs you to do so. Here are a few poses you may find yourself sitting […]

Male Pose: The Lean Forward

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This pose is a magical one. It’s magical because when you’re put in it, you’ll automatically smile. But, not just any smile–a natural, genuine smile. You’ll involuntarily tilt your head slightly to one side so that you can place your fingers in your hair. And, that simple movement will change your mood. That mood change […]

Portrait Photography: Getting a Natural Smile

Getting a Genuine Smile
Cover Girl Photo

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Has the thought of posing for a cover girl shot ever crossed your mind? And then, be honest, did you quickly dismiss the idea because you thought that would mean a full on glamour session and that was just too intimidating? Well, if an entire glamour or fashion photo session is too unnerving for you, […]

Be a Cover Girl During Your Portrait Session

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If you’re a graduating senior, have you found yourself wondering why you should book a senior photo session? Have you wondered whether it’s worth your time, energy or money? Well, if you have, you definitely need to read this post! Having a senior session allows you to celebrate your achievement, mark the occasion with great […]

Book a Senior Photo Session?

Senior Photo Session
Hands Staggered

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Your senior photo session is the perfect time to highlight you, your achievements, and all the emotions you’re feeling at this stage of your journey. When you’re about to graduate, you feel confident, optimistic, audacious–and, most of all, ready to move forward in your life. My plan for your senior session is to use all […]

Senior Photo Session

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When working with men, it’s especially important to have a pose in mind that works well for most. This classic male pose–one foot on the back wall–is one of them. Lindsey Adler illustrates this pose in her book, The Photographer’s Guide to Posing–https://learn.lindsayadlerphotography.com/photographers-guide-to-posing-book/. Once I started using it with clients, I saw its potential. So, […]

Classic Male Pose: Using the Wall

Classic Male Pose
What are you looking for in your life?

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What are You Looking for In Your Life? “I’m looking for corny in my life.”–from the movie The Holiday. Because I’ve been watching that Nancy Meyers film (I’m a big fan of Nancy’s) for the past ten plus years, that quote isn’t new to me. I’ve heard Kate Winslet deliver it each and every time–never […]

What are You Looking for in Your Life? | 5 Steps to Help You Figure out Your Word for the New Year

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J Luster Photography 2020 Favorites: Outdoor Portraits My first full year as a photographer happened to be 2020. And, because of the pandemic, most of my portrait sessions were held outdoors. But, honestly, even though studio lighting is reliable and indoor temperatures more comfortable, shooting outdoors allowed me to be creative, use the elements, find […]

Top Ten Outdoor Portraits of 2020: J Luster Photography

J Luster Photography Favorites of 2020
stop hiding from the camera

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Can I tell you something that can make this new year so much better for you? More fun? Liberating even? Listen closely. Stop hiding from the camera (cell phone cameras too)! This tendency to shy away from getting your picture taken comes from that feeling, that misconception, that lie from the devil that you’re not […]

Stop Hiding from the Camera

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When I’m editing photos from a recent session, I can tell which ones will likely be the client’s favorites and which ones will not. However, those in the “not” category are often the ones I’m inclined to keep for myself. While they may not be the photos anyone else would frame or share, I might. […]

What Are You Saying Goodbye to this Year?

What are you welcoming this year?
Hats and Jewelry

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Hats and jewelry! Two great types of accessories that some of us really love. If that describes you, I believe you fall into one of two categories in regards to actually wearing them. If you’re the first type of hat and jewelry lover, you put them on all the time. And, if you’re the second […]

You Love Jewelry and Hats, So Include Them in Your Portrait Session!

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You Have a Permanent Accessory Coco Chanel said, “In my life I have adopted certain style rules from a young age…I always take off at least one piece of jewelry [accessory] before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not ‘overdoing’ it.” I think most of us can agree with Coco Chanel’s wise rule. […]

You Have a Great Tattoo, So Book a Portrait Session

You Have a Great Tattoo
You're an Entrepreneur: Book a Portrait Session

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Entrepreneur. A person, a career, or a even a way of living that many individuals have dreamed of possessing for themselves–me included. The promises are the same. Be your own boss. Make your own schedule. Those things sound great for some day. Only, right now, there’s a world-wide pandemic. It’s 2020. People have lost jobs […]

If You’re an Entrepreneur in 2020, Book a Portrait Session!

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Having a portrait session with your sister can either be easy, or it can be difficult. It’s kinda up to you, really. Your relationship can have something to do with it, yes. But, acknowledging the uniqueness of such an experience and then working on your mindset beforehand are the keys to success. Being part of […]

Prepare for Your Portrait Session with Your Sister

A Picture of Your with Your Sister
Great Hairstyle: Book a Portrait Session

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My female friends, you may or may not have consider this idea before, but your hairstyle says a lot about who you are. While it can change pretty often, unlike a tattoo, which is permanent, it’s still a choice that requires thought. That choice is made based on so many factors–your lifestyle, your occupation, your […]

You Have a Great Hairstyle, So Book a Portrait Session!

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So, you have a great dress in your closet that’s been hanging there collecting dust for a while. Maybe when you selected it, you even listed out three other events where you could don it. However, there it is. Waiting. A perfectly good dress that can, for an hour or two of your time, have […]

You Have a Great Dress, So Book a Portrait Session

You Have A Great Dress
It's Your Birthday

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Celebrate Yourself Something I hope you’ll always remember is that it’s okay to celebrate yourself on your birthday. Celebrating yourself means making plans for your day–from the moment you wake up until the moment you hit the pillow. I realized this long ago. If you leave it to other people (even those who love you […]

You’ve Had a Birthday! Book a Portrait Session

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It all starts with the change in the weather. That change in weather affects your mood. Then you find that your mood is different, but maybe you can’t put you’re finger on what you’re experiencing. So, your thoughts start to shift. As your thoughts start shifting about, you find yourself ready to make some real […]

It’s a New Season: Book a Portrait Session

It's a New Season
Fitted T-shirt and Jeans for Male Portraits

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You may be surprised to hear that a simple outfit of a fitted t-shirt and jeans is a great choice for a men’s portrait session. But it’s true! If you’re a man, this ensemble should be your go-to whenever you’re gonna be photographed. Most often, a woman looks best in a fitted dress (more about […]

A Fitted T-shirt and Jeans

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Have you ever had an individual portrait session? Other than when you were a baby? One more question: have you every thought about it? Documenting you, through the stages of your life, means celebrating who you are, where you’re going, and sometimes where you’ve been. Before I became a photographer, I knew this in theory, […]

Ten Reasons to Book a Portrait Session

Week One at Precision Camera
Preparing Your Toddler for a Photo Session

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The truth is there’s just no way of preparing your little one for a family photo session. Of course, you can do the obvious and make sure she naps, eats a snack, and cuddles her favorite toy on the car ride over, but the hard truth is that aside from choosing her outfit, it’s not […]

Preparing Your Little One for a Family Photo

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If you’ve booked a photo session for you and your partner, there’s a few things you should know. Preparing for your couple’s portrait session beforehand will make your shoot go more smoothly, keep you and your beloved from getting on each other’s nerves, and, most importantly, guarantee you some intimate, romantic photos. I’m talking the […]

Preparing for Your Couple’s Portrait Session

Preparing for your Couple's Portrait Session
Wedding Rings Should be Photographed

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Your wedding rings should be photographed! You may already know that, but when I got married back in 1993, I didn’t. I had no idea that something like my engagement ring and wedding band would be so important to capture. Four wedding ring sets later, I can tell you, I wish I had gotten photos […]

Wedding Rings Should Be Photographed

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Before having a photo session, it’s important to consider the colors and the styles of your outfits. Clothing choices for photos are kind of a big deal. It’s taken me many photo sessions with individuals, couples, and families to realize just how important those choices are. My hope is that my findings and tips will […]

Clothing Choices: Colors and Styles for Your Portraits

J Luster Photography Outdoor Portrait Favorite of 2020
Family Laughing

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If you’re having family portrait done, you’ll probably want something traditional where everyone is looking at the camera and everyone’s eyes are open! But, when your photographer delivers your photo gallery, it’s nice to see something a little different. A little more natural. You, know–the kind of photo that looks like someone with a camera […]

Picture of a Family Laughing

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Don’t you just love a photo of a couple walking hand in hand? Doesn’t it just scream romance? Or whisper it softly (that sounds sweeter)? Why is that, you ask? Is it the location? The beach? An Italian villa? Nope. Is it that the couple is just so in love that they can’t help but […]

Couple Walking Hand in Hand

couple walking hand and hand
using props in photography

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The last thing you wanna do as a photographer is disappoint your client or, more importantly, your client’s mother! If a bride or a senior or a mother of one of those two, spent time thinking about, purchasing, and then packing up props for the shoot, take heed. Would she understand if you didn’t use […]

Using Props in Your Photography Sessions | Avoiding Prop Pressure

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If you’re a new photographer, you’ve probably heard some differing opinions about whether or not to give your clients props to incorporate during their sessions. A “prop” in photography would be any object that isn’t naturally occurring in the location of your shoot. Honestly, for a while I was against using anything other than my […]

Using Props in Photography: Know Your “Why”

using props in photography
inspiration in uncertain times | good times that haven't happened yet

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Do you have memories of good times? I’m sure you do. You may be remembering a lot of them right now because you need a little inspiration during these uncertain times. You know, because of the pandemic? But, here’s a question for you: Do you ever think about good times that haven’t happened yet? Because […]

Inspiration in Uncertain Times | Good Times That Haven’t Happened Yet

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“We had our breakfasts–whatever happens in a house, robbery or murder, it doesn’t matter, you must have your breakfast.” The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins Breakfast is Important in Any House Collins has a way of writing that makes you feel as though you’re involved in a complicated mystery with twists and turns, but at the […]

No Matter What Happens–Have Your Breakfast

eat your breakfast
It's Your Birthday

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  “She makes us laugh, she makes us dream, and she makes us better. Happy Birthday!”–posted on Instagram on April, 19, 2020 by Magnolia about Joanna Gaines. She Makes Us Laugh? Nope! Tell the truth. Does Joanna Gaines make you laugh? Put aside the fact that she does so many things well, and then be […]

She Makes Us Laugh

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In 2000, my husband and I purchased a croquet. The movie, Heathers, influenced me to buy it because I totally wanted to swing the mallet around and quote lines from the movie like, “No way, no day,” but no matter. That croquet set became part of our Easter tradition and has remained so, even during […]

Croquet: Our Easter Tradition for the Pandemic of 2020

Easter 2020
Client Directed Photo Session

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  Can a photographer be comfortable with a client directed photo session? Yes! But, I think it takes a certain kind of photographer. Clients often have a clear vision for their photo session. Having been a teacher and a director for so long, I didn’t think I could release control like that. My big revelation–I […]

Client Directed Photo Session: Why Not?

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I knew I was in the right place–back in the Precision Camera https://www.precision-camera.com/classroom for some photography basics on portraiture. I knew this because the teacher was talking about some things I’ve known about taking portraits, but many that I didn’t. Week One of the Portraiture class proved to be enlightening and assured me I was […]

Photography Basics: Portraiture Class at Precision Camera

Week One at Precision Camera
Determining Hand Placement for Photos

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The question I always get from my clients–if they are human, of course–is about their hands. Where should they put them? “Anywhere you feel comfortable” used to be my response. I didn’t think that determining hand placement for photographs was my job, but it is! Since I was only in the occasional candid photo or […]

Is Determining Hand Placement for Photographs Your Job? Yes!

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Why is a wedding photographer doing a portrait session with three kids under 3 years old? Because I still need to keep practicing photographing humans! That means taking pictures of anyone willing to pose for me–including three kids all under 3 years old–that’ right–three under 3! Since I’d never photographed kids other than my own, […]

Portrait Session– Three Kids Under 3 Years Old

Three Kids Under Three| Christmas Portrait Session
Make Your Model Laugh--J Luster

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When you conduct a portrait session, do you know how to make your model laugh? If you don’t, you should learn. It offers a totally different portrait than the regular “Cheese!” smile does. I was able to try the technique with my niece at a photo shoot at Milburn Park in Cedar Park, TX. Distractions […]

Make Your Model Laugh: A Portrait Tip

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Downtown Leander, Texas on an early Sunday morning is a good choice for portraits and bridal sessions. There’s old homes converted into city offices still full of charm and plenty of old churches with steeples. No Town Square in Downtown Leander A town square is a clearly defined space with businesses and restaurants all along […]

Downtown Leander for Portraits and Bridal Sessions


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